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little wishes

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  1. little wishes

    Autor: frank88 08.11.16 - 22:36

    "Wenn Kunden nach einer Funktion fragen und der damit einhergehende Aufwand vertretbar ist, wird die Funktion in den Browser eingebaut"

    Here is an Opera 12.18 user with a couple of little wishes for Vivaldi:

    1 Key to toggle javascript on/off.

    2 Key to toggle style sheets on/off.

    3 Key fit-to-width on/off.

    4 Options to delay/disable exploding menus/pictures and fading effects when the mouse pointer hover here and there.

  2. Re: little wishes

    Autor: xAzaelx 09.11.16 - 12:01

    Hey frank,
    im not entirely sure what you mean with your fourth wish, however Vivaldi has a feature to remove transitions. There is a "<>" button at the bottom of the Browser, right beside the zoom scroll bar. There are multiple options, which modify pages, for instance "force transitions", "remove transitions", Color filters like Sepia or Black and White.

  3. Re: little wishes

    Autor: frank88 10.11.16 - 09:37

    There is an increasing tendency on the Net to use css for visual effects. Examples are menus dropping down or popping up; pictures inflating or deflating; colors getting shades; and whatever. I want to be in control of the pages I look at. Opera 12.18 does a lot more in this respect as Vivaldi. Vivaldi is proclaiming to be the browser for power users. Indeed: currently you need a web search just to find out how to disable javascript.

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