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  1. Featureliste

    Autor: ZeRoWaR 05.02.13 - 12:30

    Quelle: http://gamingeverything.com/39177/witcher-3-confirmed-is-next-gen-featured-in-game-informer/

    reiner text von gamingeverything:
    "- The team felt it missed the huge freedom of open-world games like Skyrim
    - Proper mounted combat still being tested
    - Currently not a definite part of the game
    - Horses will be in, though, since they’re important for navigation
    - Ships float on the water in true physics interactions
    - Team has doubled in size
    - No chapters, acts, or any artificial break-points
    - Geralt can seamlessly cross from one end of the world to the other thanks to REDengine 3
    - No loading screens while traveling in the open world
    - Can explore on foot, by horseback, and via boat
    - Pursue yor long-lost love, play the game of empires on behalf of the northern kingdoms that still claim independence, and thwart the nefarious Wild Hunt
    - Fast travel: instantly revisit any discovered location
    - Director Konrad Tomaszkiewicz: “A huge goal is to keep the high quality o four quests, with all the cinematics and impressive events and moments.”
    - Point of interest will always be in sight
    - Players will be beckoned to explore dank caves, embattled villages, decaying ruins, etc.
    - Over 100 hours of hand-scripted quests
    - Quests: help villagers, engineer the succession of the Skellige kings, etc.
    - Use monster hunting for adventure, incoming, and unique rewards
    - There are mini-games based on the area of the world
    - Ex: Skellige has knife-throwing
    - Gain exclusive rewards from mini-games
    - Don’t have to complete mini-games to proceed in the story
    - Monsters, bandits, traders, animals, and more will attack anyone they deem hostile
    - Enemies don’t scale to the player’s level
    - Slaying monsters, fighting hostile humans in the different forms they come in, collecting items, leveling up are in the game
    - World 40 times larger than the last game
    - Three different aspects to narration
    - Lowest level: free-form activities like monster hunting, crafting, individual standalone quests
    - Second step: political situation and Nilfgaardian invasion is resolved through the core plotline of the major areas (Skellige, Novigrad, No Man’s Land)
    - Each land has its own storyline
    - Can abandon the storyline, but will have repercussions later
    - Not doing a plotline is a choice the player has
    - Main narrative: search for Geralt’s loved ones and conflict with the Wild Hunt
    - Multiple branches of narratives that feed into each other
    - Don’t have to do anything outside the main storyline to beat the game
    - Could have help in a main-line encounter from an ally you gained in the Skellige archipelago if you’ve completed certain quests in certain ways
    - Major events in the main storyline are “gates” for the state of the world
    - Ex: village threatened by bandits might be abandoned after certain events if the player doesn’t help
    - Weather effects are dynamically generated and fully modeled as real volumetric clouds rather than being simply painted on the skybox
    - In contrast to the last game, Geralt encounters communities and individuals with monster-related problems that need solving
    - There aren’t contract-like assignments this time
    - Press the left trigger to turn on Geralt’s witcher senses
    - Can glean information from a crime scene upon discovering it
    - Within range of a scene of interest, the mechanic conveys clues to the player through the witcher muttering to himself and/or visual depictions of past events that represent Geralt’s reasoning
    - Time of day and other conditions determine where monsters appear and their abilities
    - Can strike critical areas in combat based on how much you learn about monster anatomy and tactics
    - The team is deciding between using a handful of in-combat special moves for particular attacks and a slow-motion quick-time event style
    - Monsters you defeat leave otherwise unobtainable alchemical and crafting ingredients needed for making of unique items, potions, mutagens
    - These allow Geralt to gain special powers and upgrades in the new mutation development tree
    - These kills serve as the witcher’s primary method of income
    - Moving more toward romance and away from shallow sexual encounters
    - “We want to treat it maturely like we did in The Witcher 2. We are not bringing sex cards back.”
    - Witcher 3 doesn’t have completely different environments based on singular choices due to the open world, but there are similarly impactful decisions
    - You’ll be involved with mutually exclusive storylines and situations based on certain momentous choices
    - Won’t be on the same level as Witcher 2, however
    - Game mechanics based on previous games, but the team is revisiting many details
    - Backward difficulty curve being addressed
    - Reworking the flow of combat
    - 96 animations for Geralt’s combat moves (last game had 20)
    - Game has a “weighting” system for the camera to help keep the biggest threats in frame at all times
    - Combat system: three big changes to solve the problem of being locked into long animations
    - Every button press mapped to a single strike
    - Each move takes a roughly equivalent time to perform
    - Can always interrupt your current action to immediately dodge or block
    - Can block/dodge when out of stamina, but you’ll be staggered
    - Team wants to make the combat “more intimate”
    - “You don’t run – in the Witcher 2 you were running constantly. You walk, but your attacks are very fast. Your opponents also walk but they have charges and things like that.”
    - Geralt’s dodge roll replaced by a pivot move
    - It retains its defensive utility without game-breaking mobility
    - Attacks faster than in The Witcher 2
    - Enemy AI completely rebuilt
    - No scripted boss encounters
    - One boss: ice giant
    - Roughly a dozen types of interactive objects
    - Ex: Can irritate a wasp with the telekinetic Aard sign to make a damaging distraction for his foes and disperse the swarm with the fiery Igni sign once the wasp swarm becomes a problem
    - Magical signs are retooled
    - Each of the five signs has a basic form such as Igni’s new flamethrower effect
    - If the player advances down the magic tree as Geralt levels up, can unlock a second form of the sign
    - For Igni, would unlock a 360-degree blast that immolates anything close
    - Yrdren’s small trap can be changed into a bigger field that slows enemies
    - Player retains the use of the basic form
    - Other two trees are based on swordsmanship and alchemy
    - Swordfighting: can unlock new strikes and boosts such as improved stamina and parrying
    - Alchemy: mutation mechanic moved off to a separate development path, independent of the level-up process
    - Alchemy specialization is based more on potions
    - Improvements available for the horse and boat
    - These aspects are still in development
    - One idea: players could access their long-term storage stash from their horse as well as from inns
    - Team knows about frustrating inventory management in Witcher 2
    - Crafting still important for enhancing Geralt’s capabilities
    - Can customize crafted items
    - Some components are can be substituted for similar things
    - Ex: monster scales instead of leather in a piece of armor
    - This affects the properties of the final item
    - Can find unique components as part of monster hunts or questlines
    - Combine these with special recipes to make artifacts of immense power
    - Each armor piece has a unique appearance
    - Armor has improved presentation and new cloth simulation
    - Can visit a barber to change Geralt’s hairstyle

    World supposedly 20% bigger than Skyrim’s
    30-40 minutes to cross world on Horseback
    New streaming technology (CDRED Engine 3)
    Geralt’s Memory is restored
    No chapters/acts
    Dude is DONE fighting for everyone else
    Everything from solving MYSTERIES to slaying monsters
    Coming out on “all top-of-the-line” consoles"

    Könnte das ernstere Elder Scrolls werden, für mich zumindest, super wäre natürlich wenns wieder modtools gibt, dann würde das Game dank der Community auch noch weitaus mehr erreichen.
    Aufjedenfall wird es bestimmt unter den GotY Awards einen Platz einnehmen.

  2. Re: Featureliste

    Autor: F.A.M.C. 05.02.13 - 13:37

    > - Ships float on the water in true physics interactions
    Schiffe! Am liebsten hätte ich gerne meine eigenes 100-Kanonen-Linienschiff *träum* =D

    Bin gespannt wie die Spielfigur reagiert, wenn sich das Schiff physikalisch präzise auf dem Wasser hält.

  3. Re: Featureliste

    Autor: Rei 05.02.13 - 13:40

    >Geralt’s Memory is restored

    Das wird sehr interessant, wenn sie's durchziehen. :)

    Ich bin wahrlich gespannt und wenn es gut wird, für mich auf jeden Fall ein Grund für die nächste "NextGen" der Konsolen.

  4. Re: Featureliste

    Autor: ZeRoWaR 05.02.13 - 13:41

    F.A.M.C. schrieb:
    > > - Ships float on the water in true physics interactions
    > Schiffe! Am liebsten hätte ich gerne meine eigenes 100-Kanonen-Linienschiff
    > *träum* =D
    > Bin gespannt wie die Spielfigur reagiert, wenn sich das Schiff physikalisch
    > präzise auf dem Wasser hält.

    Die Spielfigur wird Seekrank, na was denn sonst?
    Nein quatsch, wird bestimmt wie in den meisten Games gewohnt am Schiff-Steuerrad hin und her gerissen werden und mit aller Kraft sich dran fest klammern.

    Ist aber mal was erfrischendes in einem OpenWorld RPG, zum einen das man sich mit dem Schiff fortbewegen kann, zum anderen dass man es auch noch verbessern kann.

  5. Re: Featureliste

    Autor: F.A.M.C. 05.02.13 - 14:30

    Ich bezog mich eher auf die gewisse Problematik, dass die Spielfigur möglicherweise ein, zwei Centimeter in das Schiffsdeck versinkt oder ähnliche Clippingfehler. Abgelegte Gegenstände "rutschen" durch den Schiffsboden und liegen dann irgendwo am Meeresgrund.

  6. Re: Featureliste

    Autor: ZeRoWaR 05.02.13 - 14:49

    F.A.M.C. schrieb:
    > Ich bezog mich eher auf die gewisse Problematik, dass die Spielfigur
    > möglicherweise ein, zwei Centimeter in das Schiffsdeck versinkt oder
    > ähnliche Clippingfehler. Abgelegte Gegenstände "rutschen" durch den
    > Schiffsboden und liegen dann irgendwo am Meeresgrund.

    In den meisten Games tendiert das Clipping eher den Charakter auf den höchsten Punkt zu setzen, als auf den niedrigstens, kann aber in Schräglagen natürlich bewirken, das eines der Beine unterhalt ist siehe GW2: http://img.gawkerassets.com/post/9/2012/08/inmountain.jpg

    In WoW hingegen ist man da z.B. eine Platform gewohnt unter den Füßen, aber es gibt auch immer wieder Games, die es richtig hinbekommen, siehe Dark Souls:

    Die Füße versuchen ihren halt zu finden :D
    Wenn Gegenstände durchs Boot clippen, dann wäre das schon ein massiver Fehler in der Engine (schon lange nicht mehr gesehen - außer Skyrim und Pferde :D).

  7. Re: Featureliste

    Autor: Apple_und_ein_i 05.02.13 - 16:03

    Ach herrje, diesen Fehler gibt's immer noch in Spielen? Schon 2002 (oder 3 ?) Gab's in Jedi Knight 2 ein System wie das in dem Screenshot von Dark Souls. Kann sein, dass es das auch schon vorher gab, aber in JK2 ist es mir zum ersten mal aufgefallen.

    Der Glaube fängt immer da an wo das Wissen aufhört.

  8. Re: Featureliste

    Autor: F.A.M.C. 05.02.13 - 16:14

    So eine Technik gab's schon bei Heretic 2 anno 1998.

    Aber ja, selbst heute gibt's dieses Problem noch.

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