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freedom cookie

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  1. freedom cookie

    Autor: Eric Qwant 09.03.14 - 15:11

    Hello and sorry for that late answer in English. I have tried to understand your article in german through a machine translation and i can just answer in English. 
    We never said that we aren't using cookies... We are not using them to track you in any way ! Concerning the analytics, we use a local install of piwik, and we anonymise all Ip adresses, so there again, no tracking here.
    Our goal is to give you the opportunity to search without being the subject of your own search ! We don't file anything concerning you, and to be as transparent as we can, we'll be hosting a privacy-oriented black box contest during the "nuit du hack" in Paris in june - we sure hope to see you there IRL by the way.
    We will also be at HIP (Hack In Paris) and we where part of 'the day we fight back' last feburary. Our comitment to privacy started from day one, it was one of the main reason we initialy though Qwant could be a good alternative to Google. 
    I will be in berlin again on april 11th facing a more tech savvy audience, so let's meet then to discuss thoses topics further on :-)

    Like I have said during the press conference our system learn from contextualization, and I'm sure you will see significant improvements within the next 3 months.

    Concerning our statistics on returning visitors and other metrics they aren't that great, that's definitely the kind of things that we need to improve to show that the platform - and our privacy-centric approach - has some success.

    You have to understand that we started with Google analytics to prove the success last year, witch wasn't the best choice in terms of privacy, but now everything is on our servers and totally anonymised.

    We have improved a lot of things on our platform and we will continue working with the hacker community and all the it security specialists in order to make Qwant as privacy-friendly as possible.

    I will be happy to explain our strategy, our technology and our privacy respect to your community.

    We realize that we're not perfect but we work hard on it in order to be respectful of our users' privacy and to earn their trust. 

    600 millions queries coming from more than 160 countries, and an average of 6 minutes per visit, with just a launch in France and a European platform isn't that bad if you compare those metrics with any average european startup, isn't it ?

    Our vision of what search should be is about exploring: type a word in Qwant's search engine - Windows, for example - and the type 8.1 in the web subsearch to refine it. Type Balmer in the news tab and Nokia in the Social tab, and you will get a lot of different answers, based on windows. It's a different approach than google, but we feel it's interesting to also rely on our user's brain to refine their search.

    As for https, it's already working - try https://ww.qwant.com but it will be mandatory when our infrastructure will be ready (soon).

    About privacy laws, especialy those recent laws in France, we are deeply concerned, we've answered an interview about this specific topic on Thinkview (in french, sorry about that), available here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Is-svrzmXRs

     I hope that you will give us a try and you will help us grow, if only to prove privacy is something important for every internet business to consider, and I hope Qwant will be one of many internet service with strong privacy-centric DNA to success in the coming years.

    Éric From Qwant 

  2. Re: freedom cookie

    Autor: Endwickler 10.03.14 - 08:48

    In german "Keine Cookies, kein tracking" means "no cookies". You should use a better translation, for example "no tracking cookies", in german "Kein Tracking durch Cookies" or simple "Kein Tracking".

    In france there is "Zero cookies", this means "more than zero cookies"?

    3 mal bearbeitet, zuletzt am 10.03.14 08:52 durch Endwickler.

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