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Quizfrage: Was hat Schaeuble mit Bin Laden gemeinsam

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  1. Quizfrage: Was hat Schaeuble mit Bin Laden gemeinsam

    Autor: Rumpelschaueble 28.11.08 - 13:14

    Was hat Schaeuble mit Bin Laden gemeinsam ?

  2. Re: Quizfrage: Was hat Schaeuble mit Bin Laden gemeinsam

    Autor: Alternativ: kostenlos registrieren) 28.11.08 - 13:18

    nicht viel, der eine kämpft für die freiheit seines landes und seine volkes gegen weltweit agierende aggressoren. der andere möchte die freiheiten in seinem land besser kontrollieren um für mehr kontrolle zu sorgen

  3. Re: Quizfrage: Was hat Schaeuble mit Bin Laden gemeinsam

    Autor: hoho@gmx.de 28.11.08 - 13:26

    der eine haengt an der dialyse, der andere im rollstuhl ?

  4. Re: Quizfrage: Was hat Schaeuble mit Bin Laden gemeinsam

    Autor: ThadMiller 28.11.08 - 13:51

    Der eine zählt zu einem der gefährlichsten Männer auf der Welt, der Angst und Schrecken verbreitet und

    der andere hat einen langen Bart. ^^

  5. Re: Quizfrage: Was hat Schaeuble mit Bin Laden gemeinsam

    Autor: Wächter von Asgard 28.11.08 - 13:54

    rofl der war richtig geil :D

  6. Re: Quizfrage: Was hat Schaeuble mit Bin Laden gemeinsam

    Autor: Rumpelschaeuble 28.11.08 - 14:07

    die fand ich jetzt auch am besten
    voller erwartung liest man den ersten satz, und denkt, es kann ja nur der Bin sein, aber nein der bin laden hat ja nur einen Bart nen langen .

  7. Re: Quizfrage: Was hat Schaeuble mit Bin Laden gemeinsam

    Autor: Ali el Lachi 28.11.08 - 14:43

    Der eine will die gesamte Menschheit terrorisieren, hat weder Moral noch Anstand, keine Achtung vor Gesetzen, Rechten, Pflichten oder den Bedürfnissen anderer und verfolgt nur seinen menschenverachtenden Plan... naja und der andere kann im stehen pinkeln.

  8. Re: Quizfrage: Was hat Schaeuble mit Bin Laden gemeinsam

    Autor: Lachla bin Faysal 28.11.08 - 14:52

    Ist der aus der aktuellen Ausgabe von "Witze zum selber aussägen"?


  9. Re: Quizfrage: Was hat Schaeuble mit Bin Laden gemeinsam

    Autor: Bobd`Buh 28.11.08 - 15:18



    Danke, hast mir den Tag gerettet

  10. Re: Quizfrage: Was hat Schaeuble mit Bin Laden gemeinsam

    Autor: Atomrofl 28.11.08 - 15:20

    Ich bin vor lachen vom Stuhl gefallen... selten so gelacht.

    You made my day! :D

  11. Re: Quizfrage: Was hat Schaeuble mit Bin Laden gemeinsam

    Autor: Bobd´Buh 28.11.08 - 15:36

    Ich muss immernoch grölen :-))

  12. Re: Quizfrage: Was hat Schaeuble mit Bin Laden gemeinsam

    Autor: Urs Baier 28.11.08 - 16:23

    Beide sind Verbrecher!

  13. Re: Quizfrage: Was hat Schaeuble mit Bin Laden gemeinsam

    Autor: RHCA 28.11.08 - 16:28

    Bei Osama ist es noch nicht sicher... das ist alles nur Video Propaganda!

  14. Re: Quizfrage: Was hat Schaeuble mit Bin Laden gemeinsam

    Autor: rollibuster 28.11.08 - 16:59

    Äh, ob das mit jemandem der regelmäßig zur Dialyse muss immer geht? Also doch lieber Bart-Pointe :D

  15. Re: Quizfrage: Was hat Schaeuble mit Bin Laden gemeinsam

    Autor: ekueku 29.11.08 - 01:19

    Urs Baier schrieb:
    > Beide sind Verbrecher!

    Also Urs, jetzt komm', verderb' uns nicht den Spaß!!


  16. Re: Quizfrage: Was hat Schaeuble mit Bin Laden gemeinsam

    Autor: Pet.esch 10.01.09 - 21:05

    Hi, my name is 'Joe V'. I will try to retain my name anonymous for security reasons. After I got out of the U.S. Army, I have been living in Germany for the past twenty five years. At that time I was an American soldier stationed in Bavaria.
    I am now a german citizen, who is now concerned about the future of other 'German-American citizens' as well as the national ones. All through the simple fact that we are losing our freedom through observation and prejudice by the government, local authorities, even by neighbors and our friends.
    It has been quite a hard road making a living here, since the customs and the history of the Germans must be adapted and overtaken in order to fulfill our goals.
    I work in a factory, whose name is very popular in the United States like BMW and AUDI. Before I got this job, I had many other ones which were quite miserable.
    In the United States, I enjoyed a lifestyle of knowledge and the meaning of freedom of speech. Freedom of speech which here the people have lost, at least up to this point I am writing this letter.
    Last year a friend of mine -at that time, named Mr. M. who is working for the U.S. Army here in Germany, asked me to go out with him at a dance place in Bamberg, Bavaria. This was a popular event to which we used to go many times together.
    At one point that evening, I saw the waiter take my empty glass in a plastic bag and carried it to a man sitting at the bar twenty feet away from me. I did not think it was such a big deal that time, I even thought it was kind of funny.
    Later on that month, we went again to a dance place in Nuremberg, Bavaria. That time we met other soldiers who were there as well and were enjoying their day off with their wives and girlfriends.
    Mr. M. -my so called friend, asked me if he could use my cellular phone because he had forgotten his that night. I lent him my cellphone and he went downstairs with it. He came back and he then gave it back to me. We enjoyed ourselves that night and went our ways.
    Approximately a week later, I wanted to buy computer parts for my daughter, who needed one for her school homework. I went to a store called Media Markt in the city of Bamberg. As I went in, I saw a gray-haired man, about six feet eight and 190 Lbs., walking down the isle where I was contemplating the computer speakers. He was also looking at the merchandise but was observing me slightly through his eyeglasses. I did not pay attention that much and went to another isle to look for a computer mouse. I reached down to pick up one box and the man was coming behind me. I turned around and he walked away. After this small incident, I did not buy anything. I left that store and went to another called Marktkauf. I tried to look for the parts and found them there on one of the shelves. As I looked up I saw the same man again from the other store, wearing another shirt observing me once again. This made me curious about this type of behaviour.
    As I went home, I told my wife about this incident and replied that there were more detectives in the stores this time of the year because of the Christmas season.
    Later on that day, I was sitting at home deleting unwanted short messages on my cellular phone and I noticed one with the phrase, 'Meccor on yes'. I looked for the meaning of this phrase in GOOGLE.DE and the name WWW.AVETANA.DE came up. I then registered and looked up what they had to offer. As I read their type of services I was astonished. With the phrase 'Meccor on yes', anyone logged in to this internet homepage can locate your cellular phone and track your daily activities. You can even combine it with Google Earth and they can find out which street, building, etc. you are going to, any time you have your cellphone with you.
    As I started researching and thinking if I had ever seen that man in the store before, I finally came to the conclusion that I had seen his face before. He had even been in the place where I work. I also started thinking about past incidents that took place and it all seem to fit the puzzle.
    Mr. M., had even called me once, about one month before and he had asked me on the phone what I think about the Germans. We had had this conversation before, so I told him again -using my freedom of speech, 'I think they are a bunch of arrogant assholes'. Mr. M. asked me as well what type of shooters badge I had in the Army, I replied, 'I have an expert badge with the M16A2 rifle'. He then asked me what I would do if I had a gun and somebody attacked my family. I told Mr. M., 'I would shoot him'. All these questions and answers were senseless and meaningless to me on the telephone. It was a plain conversation between friends. This was the beginning of a conspiracy, somebody had listen to this conversation over the phone. They confiscated my medical records at the urologist, they took an illegal sample of DNA proof as I went to the dentist and they inform teachers and other people in he community that I am a criminal.
    By the way, I found out that that same detective had connections to a rapist called M.W., who is working at the same factory I worked. This ex-rapist asked me in April 2008, if I could get him aspirins from the Army P.X. because they were cheaper. I asked Mr. M. if he could get me some and Mr. M. even drove them to my house. This is a planned conspiracy against me. If I had given this medicine this guy at the factory, I could have been fired for possession of narcotics and had lost my job that time.
    Now I am being followed by the German Polizei everytime I go out. My cellular phone is being tracked and a GPS sender was installed in my car, illegally of course. I am being treated like a fugitive even though I did not do anything to anybody.
    It is unbelievable how a person can be humiliated and prejudiced against nowadays here in Germany. Ever since they passed the BKA Gesetz (Federal Crime LAW).
    The prosecutors from the Kristall Nacht have become a new face in Germany: Everyone is guilty before proven innocent. They let the real terrorists free and the others who use their freedom of speech are going to go behind bars! And this with the help of covert operations with U.S. Army Personnel, like Mr. M. German-Americans or even German nationals can be discriminated against. They can be followed and can get framed by the government and local authorities at any time now. Please reply to me, if you want to follow this subject. Thank You.

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