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IL-2 Sturmovik: Forgotten Battles kommt erst Ende Februar

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  1. IL-2 Sturmovik: Forgotten Battles kommt erst Ende Februar

    Autor: Golem.de 15.11.02 - 11:29

    Ubi Soft hat mitgeteilt, dass das neue Produkt aus der Flugsimulationsreihe IL-2 Sturmovik mit dem Titel Forgotten Battles vom Add-On zum Vollprodukt erweitert wurde. Das vollwertige Stand-alone-Produkt IL-2 Sturmovik: Forgotten Battles wird also unabhängig von IL2 Sturmovik spielbar sein.


  2. Re: IL-2 Sturmovik: Forgotten Battles kommt erst Ende Februar

    Autor: volker 15.11.02 - 12:19

    hier noch ein paar mehr Infos...

    The Forgotten Battles consists 20 single-player missions, 10 multiplayer missions, new maps, dynamic campaigns, that are working on all existed maps of IL-2 and IL-2:FB.

    Forgotten Battles offers all the gameplay of IL-2 Sturmovik, plus new general features. These include (but are not limited to):

    · At least 30 new flyable aircraft
    · At leasrt 15 new AI-controlled aircraft
    · New AI ground objects and vehicles for each new map area, with new 3D building models
    · Ranking and award system for Finnish and Hungarian pilots
    · Selectable custom user-made skins in single play mode for players and all AI aircraft
    · All IL-2: FB aircraft available in Quick Mission Builder, except seaplanes and gliders
    · Improved flight dynamics
    · More realistic AI to create more realistic battles
    · New engine management relating to radiators, superchargers and fuel mixture control for different altitudes corresponding to real aircraft flight manual
    · Online track recorder (you even don't know what this means!)
    · A New system of single play track recording (possible to keep old IL-2 system and use online system for re-recording just part of the track. In other words you may save the part of the say full mission track in to a small separta file that will show only one important for you schene.
    · Search lights and barrage balloons (including intercommunication with AA cannons.
    · New ships including the Russian battleship Marat, Russian cruisers Aurora and Kirov and German AA cruiser Niobe (but not limited to)

    New Maps.

    There are 5 new main gameplay maps: Gulf of Finland summer, Gulf of Finland winter, Hungary summer, Hungary winter, and L’vov summer.

    Gulf of Finland maps include large area that covers cities of Helsinki (capitol of Finland), Tallinn (capitol of Estonia), Lenigrad, the Finnish Gulf itself, Kronstadt island and other islands fortifications, the great lake Ladoga. The city of Helsinki and Leningrad designed using old 1939-1940 years real maps and contains the number of unique well-know buildings and objects.
    Both maps of Finnish Gulf designed that to cover the historical battles of 1941-1944 years of that area.
    Hungarian winter and summer maps are present with the great lake Balaton and the area around this lake, including small part of Slovenia.
    L’vov map include the parts of Soviet Ukraine, small parts of Poland and Slovakia.

    For online gameplay we prepared several maps with different gamplay. One of them has large mountains and high altitude airfields.

    Dynamic Campaign Generator.

    There are two kinds of campaign in IL2 Forgotten Battles – static branched and dynamic. Static branched campaigns are created manually and equal to IL-2 campaign with very minor changes. Missions in these campaigns are made in Full Mission Builder and then united into campaign. There are several historically correct static campaigns made by 1C:Maddox Games. Other static campaigns, made by game fans are available for download from the web. You can design your own static campaign in accordance with your taste and imagination, and events in every mission will be exactly as you want them to be.

    IL-2: Forgotten Battles introduces dynamic campaign. Dynamic campaign is automatic. You select your nation, a squadron, and planes that you want to fly in every operation. You decide, when you want to join the war. After that the first mission in campaign is generated and offered to you. When you finish the mission, the results will be processed, and another mission generated – and so on, till end of war. Missions in dynamic campaign will never repeat, because many conditions, targets, time of day, weather, opposition and almost everything else are random.
    In any operation, your forces will advance or retreat. The frontline moves historically, but you can speed it up or slow down in limited degree. If you destroy an object - it will stay destroyed for time that depends on it's nature. Every destroyed plane, friendly or hostile, reduces number of planes of this type on the theater, making their appearance less likely. Lost trains and transport columns will affect supply rate. If you kill or capture an enemy ace, he will not appear in the future battles.
    One of the most important features of dynamic campaign is your squadron. Every pilot has a name, photo (is possible to replace the default photo by your own or you friends photos) a rank, medals, sorties and kills. His skill level is defined by combat experience. Pilots can be killed, captured, promoted, awarded or transferred. Your losses are replaced, but new pilots will likely have less or none of combat experience. Your squadron has limited amount of combat ready planes, and if it drops below some point, you will fly shorthanded until re-supplied.
    You may choose to play from any time of 1941 to 1945.
    You may choose to play for Germany, Russia, Finland or Hungary.

    New Aircraft.
    In additional to all IL-2 and IL-2 add-ons aircraft there are:


    Ju-87D-3 – Two seat dive bomber / ground attack aircraft
    Ju-87G-1 – Two seat tank buster / ground attack aircraft
    Bf-109G-14 – fighter.
    Bf-109G-10 – fighter.
    Bf-109K-4 – fighter.
    FW-190D-9 – fighter. 1944 model
    FW-190D-9 – fighter. 1945 model with MW50
    FW-190F-8 – fighter-bomber.
    FW-190A-9 – fighter.
    He-111H-2 – multi-crewed bomber
    He-111H-6 – multi-crewed bomber / torpedo bomber
    Me-262A-1a – jet fighter.
    Me-262A-2a – jet fighter-bomber.
    B-239 (Brewster Buffalo F2A) – fighter. Finnish Air Force
    Hurricane Mk I – fighter. Finnish Air Force
    TB-3 – multi-crewed bomber.
    La-5 – fighter.
    La-5F – fighter.
    La-7 2x20mm ShVAK cannons – fighter.
    La-7 3x20mm B-20 cannons – fighter.
    I-153 M-62 – fighter.
    I-153P – fighter.
    Hurricane Mk IIB – fighter.
    Hurricane Mk IIC – fighter.
    Hurricane Mk II with Russian cannons and MGs – fighter.
    P-47D-10 – fighter / fighter-bomber.
    P-47D-27 – fighter / fighter-bomber.
    P-40E – fighter.
    P-40M – fighter.
    P-40 field mode with Soviet M-105P engine – fighter.


    Bristol Blenheim MK I – bomber. Finnish Air Force
    Bristol Blenheim MK IV – bomber. Finnish Air Force
    Fiat G.50 – fighter. Finnish Air Force
    Morane MS.406 – fighter. Finnish Air Force
    Morane MS.410 – fighter. Finnish Air Force
    Mörkö Morane – fighter. Finnish Air Force. Equipped with Soviet engine M-105P, captured by Germans and sold in Finland
    DB-3 - long rage bomber
    DB-3T - torpedo bomber
    DB-3M - long rage bomber
    IL-4(DB-3F) 1940 – long rage bomber.
    IL-4 1942 – long rage bomber / torpedo bomber.
    SB-2 M-100 – bomber.
    SB-2 M-103 – bomber.
    Bf-110C – heavy fighter and fighter bomber.
    Bf-110G – heavy fighter and fighter bomber.
    Me-210Ca-1 – heavy fighter and fighter-bomber. Hungarian Air Force
    Me-210Ca-1 Zerstörer - formation destroyer / ground attack. Hungarian Air Force. In additional to standard cannons 1x40mm, 2x3 150mm rockets
    P-51D – fighter. USAAF.
    Ar-196A-3 – Sea plane.
    Catalina - Sea plane.
    Su-2 - Close support bomber.

    Complete list of IL-2 aircraft.

    Flyable: IL-2 Single seat early, IL-2 Single seat, IL-2 Single seat late, IL-2 Field modification with rear gunner, IL-2M Type-2, IL-2 Type 3, IL-2 Type 3M, IL-2T, IL-2I, I-16 type 18, I-16 type 24, LaGG-3, LaGG-3-IT, LaGG-3 Late, La-5FN, MiG-3, MiG-3ud, MiG-3 AM-38, MiG-3 (2x12mm MGs), MiG-3 (2x20mm cannons), MiG-3U, P-39N-1, P-39Q-1, P-39Q-10, Yak-1 Early, Yak-1B, Yak -7B, Yak-9, Yak-9D, Yak-9T, Yak-9K, Yak-9U, Yak-3, Bf-109E-4, Bf-109E-4/B, Bf-109E-7/B, Bf-109E-7/Z, Bf-109F-2, Bf-109F-4, Bf-109G-2, Bf-109G-6 Early, Bf-109G-6 Late, Bf-109G-6/AS, FW-190A-4, FW-190A-5, FW-190A-8, Ju-87B-2, PZL P.11, BI-1

    AI: R-10, U-2 (Po-2), Li-2, MBR-2 seaplane, Pe-2 1st series, Pe-2 84 series, Pe-2 110 series, Pe-2 359 series, Pe-3, Pe-3bis, Pe-8, Tu-2s, He-111Z, Hs-129B-2, Hs-129B-3/Wa, Ju-52, Ju-52 seaplane, Ju-88A-4, Fi-156 Storch, FW-189, Me-323, Me-321, He-162A, IAR-80, IAR-81

    In total of IL-2:FB you’ll get 125 aircraft, at least 80 of which are flyable!

  3. Re: IL-2 Sturmovik: Forgotten Battles kommt erst Ende Februar

    Autor: Oliver Kitzing 15.11.02 - 20:37

    Ich würde salopp sagen: "FETT!".

    Wenigstens ein Produkt im Simulationsbusiness, das uns noch erfreut.

    IL-2 war schon toll..... Man darf gespannt sein!

  4. Re: IL-2 Sturmovik: Forgotten Battles kommt erst Ende Februar

    Autor: Hotte 08.03.03 - 19:19

    Jupp den ersten Teil hab ich auch ... natürlich Original ...

    Beim ersten Teil war ich grad mal 30 bis 40 Sek. in der Luft und dann bin ich abgeschmiert...

    hoffe das die Steuerung in dem 2. Teil etwas Besser gelöst ist...

    mal sehen... auf jedenfall hat sich grafisch schonmal viel getan ...

    spo dann werd ichs mal bestellen ...

  5. Neue downloads für il2 forgotten battles

    Autor: meier 28.01.06 - 10:42

    Ich will neie flugzeuge zum download! wo gibts die?

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